ES2.6 – High Output Active-Driven Subwoofer


The ES2.6 (8 ohms) is a double 15", high output subwoofer designed for the ES Series speaker system. Using new concepts in twin asymmetrical acoustic chambers they deliver very highspeaker loading and intense output from a relatively small cabinet footprint. Reproducing low frequencies with very high transient content, they are ideal for use in live applications or as part of a five way ES system utilizing VHD1.21 and 2.21 subwoofers. Together with the ES1.0 and EPAK2500/R, the ES2.5/2.6 delivers the highest dynamic range of any other comparable system providing new levels of clarity, depth and resolution.

System Acoustic Performance

Max SPL Long-term132dB (137dB - 2x ES2.6)
Max SPL Peak135dB (140dB - 2x ES2.6)
-3dB Response38Hz to 130Hz
-10dB Response34Hz to 130Hz
Crossover Point70Hz to 130Hz


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