KT2.0 – K-RIG Active-Driven Mid-Hi module


The KT2.0 is the Mid High Module for K-RIG. Its two-way horn loaded design provides optimal output and coverage that far exceeds that of a normal frontloaded 12 and horn box or a number of small line array elements. It consists of a horn loaded high power 12" mid bass speaker with integral phase plug and a 2.5" titanium diaphragm compression driver on an 80° H x 40° V constant directivity, wide dispersion horn. The KT2.0 is driven and controlled by two channels of the K-PAK controller amplification system and must be used with two KT2.15 bass speakers. It is constructed of poplar to reduce weight for ease of stacking and coated in a heavy-duty, wear resistant polymer coating.

System Acoustic Performance

Max SPL Long-term132dB
Max SPL Peak135dB
-3dB Response(+ 2x KT2.15: 42Hz) 180Hz ÷ 18kHz
Crossover Point180Hz / 1.4kHz


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